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eTrucking Solution is a premier American company catering to all the needs of the trucking companies irrespective of their size. eTrucking Solution is a one stop destination that provides comprehensive solutions to the independent trucking companies.


Special Packages

Corporation Permit Packages

Keep your trucking company operations legal, saving you time and the costs of expensive fines.

Fuel Tax Packages

Our IFTA Fuel Tax package eliminates the quarterly IFTA filing hassle!

Sole Proprietor Permit Packages

eTrucking Solution Trucking Permits assist in your efforts to be profitable and legal on the road.

Our Solutions

IRP License Plates

Get Your IRP Apportioned Plates Fast. We will register for 48 states plates your IRP account.

All Trucking Permits

We are providing all services related to trucking permits

Open Trucking Company

We will prepare all the paperwork for you to start a trucking company.

VIN Verification

We are licensed and bonded Vehicle VIN Verification Service.

Motor Carrier Permit

We will take care of all important information that is required for MCP (Motor Carrier Permit).

BOC3 Filing

We will get your BOC-3 permit quickly and without issues.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Trucking Management Software
  • Complete Compliance Management
  • Easy Billing
  • Load Dispatch by Phone App
  • Accounting
  • Maintenance Record
  • Easiest DOT Audit- BIT Inspection

Global Truck Permits

  • Corporation Set Up
  • Truck Permits, NY Permits
  • License Plates, Kyu Permits
  • DOT and ICC-MC Permit
  • IFTA Permits, Fuel Tax Filing
  • CA-MCP Permits, 2290 Filing

eTrucking Solution is always ready, willing and able to assist truckers,
owner operators and trucking companies with all the required paperwork!.